Joanna La Gesse is a certified Hatha Yoga (CYT 240) and Vinyasa Yoga teacher (CYT-300).
Hatha Yoga (10 years teaching experience)
Vinyasa Yoga (3 years teaching experience)

During her training in Bali with Radiantly Alive, Joanna La Gesse drew her inspiration from :
Daniel Aaron (founder and teacher), Alanna Kaivalya (The Kaivalya Yoga Method), Govinda Kai (Ashtanga Yoga), Olop Arpipi (Iyengar Yoga), Edward Clark (Tripsichore Yoga).

Inspired from many styles of Yoga, her practice and teaching include postures (asanas), synchronised breath/movements sequences (vinyasa), Yogic philosophy, chanting (kirtan), breath work and guided relaxation.

Her Yoga is playful, graceful and heart-oriented. She assists students in the exploration of their potential and helps build their own practice by understanding and redefining their limits.

Classes Level : Beginner & Intermediate

Joanna shapes her classes accordingly to students needs and would be honoured to guide you :

РOne to One Classes (coaching and personal practice)

– Corporate Yoga Classes and Workshops

– Group Yoga

– Kids Yoga


Timetable of regular classes at Jo Yoga & Art Studio (on appointment)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
VINYASA YOGA08:30 to 09:45(dynamic) HATHA YOGA08:30 to 9:45(gentle & dynamic)
HATHA YOGA18:15 to 19:30(gentle & dynamic) VINYASA YOGA18.15 to 19.30(dynamic) HATHA YOGA17:15 to 18:30(gentle)


Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga

Though Hatha Yoga comprises all the different forms of physical yoga practice, Hatha Yoga also defines a style of Yoga where the postures or asanas are held for a certain time. Emphasis is on body alignment, breathing and relaxation.

Vinyasa Yoga comes from Ashtanga Yoga. It is a freer form of dynamic Yoga where movement and postures are synchronized with the breath. This class may include chanting mantras, Yogic philosophy. Often practised with music, this Yoga is flowing and quite challenging.

Hotels and Spa regular classes :
Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, from 8 to 9, at the Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel in Anse La Raie.
Saturday morning from 9 to 10, at the I Spa Fitness & Wellness club of The Address Boutique Hotel in Port Chambly .

Looking forward to share my Yoga with you.